University of San Francisco

San Francisco,

Student, Faculty, And Staff Campus Life Analysis

A key recommendation offered in the University of San Francisco’s Plan 2005 related to the creation of a multidisciplinary group to “review needs assessment information, event evaluations and program efforts on campus and make recommendations about meeting students’ co-curricular needs.” Prior to the establishment of such a group, the university wanted comprehensive data about the co-curricular interests and needs of its student body. Student Affairs engaged the services of B&D in 2000 to provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of students’ co-curricular needs as well as faculty and staff interest in interacting with students outside classrooms and administrative offices. To complete the assignment, we conducted several focus groups and intercept interviews and administered an Internet survey. Student participants included traditional undergraduates, graduates, and professional students, and employees included faculty and staff from both the San Francisco and regional campuses. In addition to this qualitative and quantitative analysis, we researched student life at peer institutions to learn about successes on other campuses. At the conclusion of our study, we developed several recommendations to enhance the quality of campus life by addressing improvements to orientation programs, signature activities, housing and transportation, communications and event planning, student gathering space, and faculty and staff involvement.