University of South Florida


Student Center Preliminary Assessment

In 2010 the University of South Florida selected B&D and Gould Evans to assess the feasibility of expanding the university’s Marshall Student Center. Since opening on campus three years earlier, the center had grown increasingly popular among students, faculty, staff, and the off-campus community. There was a need, therefore, to examine the viability of adding 22,000 square feet in order to meet increasing demand. From our research and analysis, we issued a series of recommendations to support the relocation of existing functions into a new expansion area, and add potential program functions for the vacated spaces. For example, we proposed a slight restructuring of the center’s retail corridor which would enhance the area’s functionality. We also identified inefficiencies in the Student Life Tower work spaces, along with the need to add space to some student support offices and storage areas. In all, our findings supported the concept of an expansion project that would centralize student affairs administrative functions in the Marshall Center, since the resulting reconfiguration of existing space could significantly enhance the center’s functionality and student appeal.