California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Student Center Needs Assessment And Fitness Center Space Analysis

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona engaged B&D in 2012 to complete a needs assessment of its Bronco Student Center and a space analysis of its Fitness Center. Our goal for this project entailed determining the existing and future needs of both facilities in light of the university’s increasing enrollment and its stated focus on all aspects of campus life. Our work plan included an analysis of existing conditions, focus groups and stakeholder interviews, peer benchmarking, and a student survey. Preferences derived from the survey indicated a desire for more gathering space, services, and food offerings, reinforcing outcomes derived from the focus groups and interviews. As a result, we developed a program projecting and prioritizing specific student demand levels for 16 programmatic spaces. Our findings also revealed that a reallocation or repurposing of space would better serve the Student Center than an expansion of the entire building. We developed concept considerations for enhancing the existing Center and repurposing the Fitness Center. For the Student Center, these included enhancing the building’s layout and signage, increasing staff office space, adding quiet study and food spaces, expanding outdoor social areas, and creating longer hours of operation. Additional items to consider for the Fitness Center included collaborative efforts with campus housing to increase programming going forward.