Groton School


Student Center, Dining, And Administrative Building Utilization Study

In 2008 Groton School retained B&D to perform a dining quad utilization study. Use of the dining quad—consisting of a dining hall, student center and an administrative building—had decreased greatly in recent years as programs moved into new facilities elsewhere on campus and left this important site dormant for most of each day. We were asked to develop a long-term plan for the area to improve its utilization and support the school’s mission and objectives. Our work included: a strategic visioning session; administrative interviews; a benchmark analysis; and a space utilization analysis. We determined that deficient organization and the limited capacity of the antiquated buildings in the quad had resulted in its inefficient usage. To address those issues and return the quad to its place as a community life zone, we recommended: demolishing the existing student center and replacing it with an outdoor activity space and faculty parking; developing a new student center by renovating the quad’s administrative building; expanding the dining hall to provide appropriate seating for all-school dining; and relocating one or two administrative departments to the dining hall.