Texas State University

San Marcos,

Student Center Demand Analysis And Programming

In 2014 Texas State University selected B&D, along with Page Architects, to perform a programming analysis of the institution’s LBJ Student Center. The scope of work for this project included university stakeholder workshops, student and administrator interviews, campus tours, and informal discussions with students and administrative facility tenants. Site and building analyses also were performed, and space and adjacency requirements were documented for all tenants, existing and anticipated. Programming recommendations and cost estimates were developed for the proposed renovation, including a list of existing and planned space usage for offices, retail, building support, student space, a bookstore, and foodservice. A preliminary project schedule with a cost estimate also was prepared. Key program demands arising from our research included a 57% growth in areas dedicated to student spaces and general access, since these areas were seen as the point around which the rest of the Center should be organized. Scheduled meeting areas also showed a need to grow by 128%, and there was a clear demand for more variety and updating in the foodservice and retail areas. A further recommendation was to add multiple entrances, making the building more accessible, including one vehicular entrance for non-student users. The proposed Center renovation would take the building from its present 153,000 SF configuration to 242,000 SF while meeting student demand and fulfilling the university’s goal of enhanced enrollment, retention, and community development.