University of Utah

Salt Lake City,

Student And Workforce Housing Master Plan; Student Housing Delivery Method Evaluation, Land Use Analysis, And Architect Selection Assistance; Student Housing Master Plan Update

In 2011 B&D and Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas were selected by the University of Utah to perform a housing master plan. We analyzed the demand for housing among a variety of different student demographic groups including freshmen, sophomores, juniors/seniors, graduate students, international students, and students with families. In addition, the plan tested interest for university-affiliated faculty/staff housing. We created a comprehensive, Web-based survey that was distributed to each constituent group, and which served as the basis for demand projections. A market analysis also was completed to study the community’s off-campus rental market, compare the housing systems of the University of Utah’s main competitors (with a primary focus on PAC-12 institutions), and understand student housing preferences through focus group interviews. Based on the market analysis, demand projections, and University priorities, we tested project concepts at six separate locations. It was determined through strategic visioning sessions that the university wished to increase housing offerings for first-year students. A plan was created to address the increased demand among these students with housing developed at the most desirable locations on campus. This strategy was shown to be financially feasible through a system-wide financial model that projected modest rental rate increases in order to finance the project and financially stabilize the housing system as a whole. In 2012 the university asked us to examine and evaluate several financial delivery methods for the living/learning housing project, which was part of the housing master plan. This financial analysis served as an integral part of the university’s decision to move forward with developing the residential complex, which is now in the design phase. Then in 2015 we were retained to helped lead the solicitation process for the selection of an architect, and proceeded with updating the housing master plan later that year.