University of Pittsburgh


Student and Transitional Housing Advisory Services

The University of Pittsburgh found itself in the midst of an exciting period catalyzed by the city’s transition into a global technology development leader. This transition led to a rise in real estate acquisition and new housing development activity in the downtown and surrounding areas, including the Oakland neighborhood where the university and its medical center are located. While the university was not opposed to this growth, it wanted to strategically plan for how it would impact its Oakland campus, specifically its student and transitional housing. As such, Brailsford & Dunlavey was engaged in March 2017 to provide advisory services and create a responsive strategic plan.

B&D designed a work plan for this project that consisted of:

• A market analysis of off-campus properties to understand comparable rental properties available to university students, faculty, and staff
• An on-campus supply analysis to understand the university’s current portfolio and how it can be improved or expanded
• A peer benchmark analysis of eight other universities to identify student housing trends
• Development and analysis of an Internet-based student survey to test living preferences and interest in on-campus living
• Projection of total student demand by class and unit types, informed by survey results
• A value-for-money analysis to determine the appropriate financial structure the university should pursue if a new project is deemed necessary

As of July 2017, B&D’s analysis and advisory services are ongoing.