University Of Iowa

Iowa City,

Strategic Housing Master Plan Advisory Services

The University of Iowa, along with Iowa City and Coralville, sought the advisory services of Brailsford & Dunlavey in the spring of 2017 to address the student housing challenges affecting the state’s flagship campus and the two cities which border it. While university enrollment has continued to grow, the availability of nearby affordable off-campus housing was dwindling and on-campus housing no longer served the students’ needs. The three entities needed a master housing plan that would preserve affordable single-family housing options, improve the community’s balance of owner-versus renter-occupied housing, and explore opportunities to increase on-campus housing offerings to support enrollment growth and lessen the student impact on the private housing market.

The B&D project team developed a strategic master plan that assessed the existing housing market conditions that served all three communities, benchmarking their characteristics against those of comparable town/gown communities. Results of the analyses allowed the team to identify and synthesize best practices used and construct a master housing plan that worked for all concerned – including the students. The plan strategies were organized by private market, the university, and hybrid approaches that proposed collaboration among the three entities.

• Institute two-year live-on requirement
• Accommodate existing need for approximately 3,465 new beds by 2025
• Increase scale of projects to shorten phasing timelines
• Explore various delivery methods, including public-private partnerships, to allow for quicker delivery and transfer of financing and other risks to a third party
• Consider private-certified housing offerings to satisfy live-on requirement