Wright State University


Strategic Facilities Planning

Wright State University’s Office of Disability Services (ODS) had historically been located in the student union, but due to facility conditions it became necessary to relocate its operations to three separate campus facilities. To advise the University on development of a future ODS facility as consolidated space becomes available, Brailsford & Dunlavey was engaged in the spring of 2016 to create a Strategic Facilities Plan based on current ODS needs and best practices.

In partnership with University leadership, B&D organized a work plan, some elements of which were:

• Kick-off meetings with ODS administrators to understand existing conditions and program offerings
• Review of building programs and floor plans to understand the current space Student focus groups to gain qualitative information regarding preferences and understand opportunities and challenges with current ODS facilities
• A benchmark analysis of six model programs to identify their key components and best practices
• Development of a recommended outline program
• A functional relationship analysis

B&D synthesized the results of the above elements and presented the University with a programmatic plan for a future ODS facility organized by four functional relationship zones: Administrative, academic and testing, physical support, and personal services―including a mix of program elements up to 13,000 gross square feet. As funding becomes available, ODS will implement the facilities plan.