Limestone College


Strategic Business Plan

Limestone College engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey in the winter of 2015 to create a strategic business plan with the objective of guiding the college toward its targeted future reality. Specifically, in collaboration with the college’s board of trustees and senior administration, B&D developed a plan that confirmed the institution’s values, purpose, and vision and outlined a series of goals, initiatives, and tactics that defined both short- and long-term strategies for moving forward.

During this strategic advisory process, B&D engaged a cross-section of the college community, including senior administration, members of the board of trustees, faculty representatives, and administrative staff. In addition to market research and analysis of the college’s financial reality, B&D’s process also leveraged student feedback through a campus-wide survey which provided valuable insight and guidance that supported the ultimate recommendations.

B&D’s research and analysis resulted in a series of goals and strategic initiatives that described the required outcomes once implementation was complete and the approach Limestone should take in order to achieve each objective. To support the successful execution of the plan and ensure that the identified strategic outcomes were realized, the initiatives were organized into phases to clarify the implementation process. The anticipated timeframe to implement all strategic initiatives of this planning effort is 7 – 10 years.

Through its strategic analyses and guidance, B&D provided Limestone with the tools to communicate its focus as a learning institution and illustrate the characteristics that make it special. B&D’s advisory plan also outlined the ways the college can attract, evaluate, and ultimately accept students who will authenticate its purpose and advance its strategic objectives.