Town of Matthews, NC


Stadium Market Analysis And Programming

In 2013 the town of Matthews, North Carolina selected B&D to conduct a market analysis and programming assessment for the stadium component of its sportsplex project. Phase one of the development had just been completed and included five multipurpose synthetic turf fields with lighting and 250 associated parking spaces. Phase two would include another six fields, a stadium, and another 900 parking spaces. We were tasked with evaluating the ideal size and event schedule for the new multipurpose stadium and establishing context for the size and program elements needed to attract the town’s desired tenants and events. The scope of work began with detailed market research to understand the local demographic, economic, and event profiles, followed by benchmarking of the project against comparable regional and national peers to identify potential sizes and anchor tenants. A building program was then assembled to satisfy targeted events and tenants, and a financial feasibility study was performed that tested the scale and costs of various stadium sizes. In addition, we analyzed the economic impact that different sized stadiums could have on the town and the surrounding community. We presented the town with three stadium scenarios, comprising 4,000, 6,500, and 10,000 seats. Each scenario estimated the economic impact on the area and jobs that could be created, and included a detailed building program. The challenges and opportunities for each size also were presented, including finding a suitable long-term anchor tenant and structuring a profitable event schedule. We recommended that the town build a stadium with the expansion potential that would meet the community’s needs as the sportsplex continued to become an established market venue.