University of Minnesota


Stadium Development Consulting

In 2002 the University of Minnesota contracted B&D to support the pre-design planning phase for a joint-use football stadium. The proposed $450 million project was for an on-campus football stadium that would serve as home to both the university football team and the NFL Minnesota Vikings. Based on our experience with planning both collegiate and professional sports facilities, we were able to provide an overall review of the design team’s conceptual planning effort, aid the development of a Memorandum of Understanding between the university and the Vikings, and assist the university planning department in defining the parameters of the project. The design team investigated the environmental, traffic, architectural, and campus master planning considerations of the proposed site. We made recommendations on the most appropriate way to respond to the findings of the design team’s investigation in order to meet the university’s overall goals for the project. We assessed the architectural and programmatic elements needed to develop a facility that could foster the pageantry, history, and atmosphere of a collegiate “game-day” experience and help enhance the campus environment the university had lost since the relocation of its stadium events to an off-campus facility. While making these assessments, we also helped determine the most appropriate mixture of collegiate experiences and the professional entertainment characteristics most commonly associated with an NFL football event. Ultimately, our advice was instrumental in helping the university determine that reconciliation between its needs and the NFL’s needs was not achievable, and instead the two entities proceeded with planning facilities independently.