Obinna Ekezie Youth Development Foundation

Port Harcourt,

Sports & Learning Center Strategic Master Plan

In 2003 B&D was engaged by the Obinna Ekezie Youth Development Foundation to develop a strategic master plan for a new International Sports & Learning Center. At the time, Obinna Ekezie was a professional athlete and member of the NBA as well as a native of Nigeria. His intention was to develop a school for the development of academic and athletic excellence in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Our work included concept development, site planning, architectural programming, and capital budgeting. We worked closely with Mr. Ekezie and provided him with a program listing the functional and aesthetic relationships needed to respond to the established strategic goals. We also provided detailed information needed to fund and operate the school. The resulting plan was estimated to be $30 million. While the initial effort did not have a specific site identified, we studied several proposed sites to confirm the ability to host the project. We estimated costs of site preparation to be $500,000. In 2004 the Port Harcourt Civic Center was renovated and used to hosts instructional camps and fundraising events.