Morven Park


Sports Fields Market Analysis And Business Planning

B&D was engaged by Morven Park in 2012 to review the potential for operating sports fields at Morven’s 1,000-acre site in Leesburg, Virginia. We were tasked with identify the opportunities and risks of developing these fields into a profit center. Our methodology included a review of the multi-year site plan, a site tour, and interviews with Morven stakeholders. A comprehensive demographic analysis was completed, incorporating an analysis of both national and local sports participation data. Benchmarking of field rent and league pricing also was performed, and cost information was compiled from interviews and our industry knowledge and sources. We then assembled a comprehensive, interactive financial model that included schedules, net revenue projections, expense projections, capital project budgets, and a 10-year pro forma reflecting the impact of revenue and expense inflation. The scenarios resulting from our research and analysis revealed several opportunities for Morven, including relocating riding areas to provide increased opportunities for rental times, operating in-house weekday leagues, hosting annual tournaments, and serving sports beyond soccer to diversify its portfolio. Our findings further suggested that sports field business opportunities could be strong contributors to Morven’s patron count, reputation, and financial performance.