Gamma Advisors, LLC

Missouri City,

Sports Facility Feasibility Study

In 2009 Gamma Advisors selected B&D to conduct a preliminary feasibility analysis to confirm its vision of a for-profit sports facility in Missouri City. Their concept for this project was an indoor multisport facility with a primary focus on basketball and volleyball and a secondary focus on other sports, all of which would promote individual and team development and training. B&D was asked to provide this analysis and our approach included: a market analysis to examine existing demographics; an analysis of existing facilities used by the target market; a preliminary program based on the market analysis and the owner’s objectives; and an overview of the project’s economics. We determined that, while market realities could justify building of a multisport complex, costs related to land acquisition, site development, and taxes likely would be too great a financial burden. We therefore recommended Gamma Advisors consider developing partnerships as a step toward creating a financially viable project.