Sustain Sports Denver, LLC

Douglas County,

Sports Complex Feasibility Study

In 2012 B&D and Centers were retained by Sustain Sports Denver, LLC to develop a plan and to perform advisory services for a Sterling Ranch Community Sports Complex in Douglas County, Colorado. The principals of this 3,400-acre Complex tasked us with defining the feasibility of such a concept. The work plan consisted of a strategic visioning session, user group interviews, demand determination, budget development, and a preliminary financial analysis. Our strategic asset value analysis revealed the value drivers that would ultimately guide the project’s programming and determine its operational parameters. These drivers included enhancement of the users’ quality of life; recruitment and retention of users to support long-term viability of the facility; brand development as a one-of-a-kind, intergenerational facility; and community development through spectator and post-event gatherings to attract a broad segment of users. The user group interviews identified a significant gap between the demand and existing supply of sports facilities in the area, and demonstrated that the proposed location was ideal for users’ rental needs. Additionally, the participation and demand analysis outlined the need for specific indoor and outdoor program elements that would be used by approximately 316,000 participants. We provided a budget analysis that included hard costs, such as construction, parking, and the purchase of furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Potential facility rental revenues and operating expenses were established in a preliminary financial analysis based on both existing market conditions and the three primary recommended Complex elements: a 190,000 square foot indoor facility, an outdoor facility, and an adjacent area with eight combination fields.