Principia School

St. Louis,

Space Utilization Master Plan

Principia School selected B&D in 2010 to develop a space utilization master plan to analyze the usage patterns of existing facilities, compare them to the relevant benchmarks, and identify opportunities to optimize the physical plant through downsizing or expanding. Our work included: a review of the school’s strategic plan; a tour of facilities and interviews to understand constraints; an analysis of class schedules, enrollment projections and existing conditions; an evaluation of peer institutions; and a Web-based survey. We then recommended some strategies to guide future improvements, address programmatic needs, optimize its physical plant, and respond to strategic objectives, as follows: build a new preschool facility or remodel the existing structure with upgrades; complete the middle school renovation as contemplated; remodel and reconfigure the upper school classrooms to facilitate experiential learning; build performing arts facilities for the middle and upper schools; remodel the dining facility and de-densify the seating; build a new athletic facility or comprehensively renovate the existing one; and initiate outdoor field improvements.