Kimball Union Academy


Space Needs Analysis

In 2004 B&D was contracted by Kimball Union Academy to conduct a space needs analysis in conjunction with its campus master planning effort to ensure the school was meeting its imperative of ‘creating the ideal environment for learning.’ Our work was to produce a list of needed spaces that would serve as the foundation for the planning process and future building designs. Included in our tasks were: an analysis of existing facilities; a review of previous documentation; a study of comparable institutions; and an analysis of schedule and classroom use. The results of our work revealed that many of the existing facilities were not ‘creating the ideal environment for learning,’ and we recommended that 53,000 SF of program space be added to the campus with approximately half of that space to be devoted to athletics and recreation. We also demonstrated a shortfall of administrative space. Our report was well received and prompted the academy to consider pursuing capital sources for new construction.