Florida State University


Southwest Campus Hotel – Strategic Planning

Brailsford & Dunlavey was retained by Florida State in the summer of 2016 to advise on the potential of adding a hotel to the University’s southwest campus. As a result of its status as a state-designated preeminent research institution, the University had a growing need for affordable and convenient lodging to maximize visitors and related opportunities for grant funding. B&D’s research resulted in a plan for a lodging concept in the proposed area that would meet both the users’ needs and the University’s financial capability.

Working in concert with University officials, B&D created a plan that included:

• Identifying, quantifying, and characterizing demand for a short-stay hotel on the southwest campus
• Determining the suitability of the Tallahassee hotel marketplace to support the University’s needs
• Gathering lessons learned and best practices from comparable facilities across the nation
• Assessing the financial feasibility / sensitivity of a short-stay hotel project sized to accommodate the identified demand

After assembling and analyzing the data outlined above, B&D’s recommended program consisted of three three-bedroom cottages and three one-bedroom flats. A development budget was also presented, along with a 10-year operating pro forma, additional demand opportunities, and potential management partnership strategies.