Alexandria City Public Schools


School Office Relocation Program Management

In 2013 B&D was retained by Alexandria City Public Schools to serve as program manager for the relocation of the school system’s central office. Our role was to ensure the new office and educational spaces would be available for use in coordination with required move-in dates, which were staggered due to varying lease end dates. The Central Office Relocation Project was part of ACPS’s consolidation of its Central Office, services, and 220 staff from multiple locations into one building located at 1340 Braddock Place. We assisted ACPS by overseeing the project in its entirety, throughout all phases of the planning, construction, staff relocations, commissioning, and project close-out. Our core responsibilities included:

• Monitored Requests for Information and submittals for timely resolution and turnaround by architect and builder.
• Reviewed and approved all payment requests and monitored their timely approval. Maintained file of payment requests for the project record.
• Conducted regular meetings with A/E, construction manager, owner’s representatives, stakeholders, and others to monitor progress, resolve issues, and facilitate coordination.
• Developed a detailed project budget and tracked costs and items impacting budget.
• Developed a detailed project schedule and tracked items impacting schedule.
• Reviewed existing programmatic documentation and conducted formal reviews of design documents for conformance to program, constructability, coordination, and completeness.
• Provided regular project progress updates in the form of a monthly report during pre-construction and a weekly report during construction and project close-out.
• Assisted ACPS with all professional procurements including construction manager/general contractor, furniture vendors, security, A/V, and IT/telecommunications, and negotiated business terms for all contracts.
• Reviewed and coordinated cost items submitted by the contractor to determine their status as owner change orders, contractor change orders, or components of the base bid. Coordinated independent cost analysis of each change order item and analyzed its impact on the project schedule and budget. Monitored processing of change orders to facilitate timely resolution.

The relocation was successfully completed in 2014.