Clarke County School Board


School Design Program Management

When Clarke County’s School Board was preparing to submit a site plan for a new high school to its planning commission in 2007, it encountered several challenges. Among them were the site’s storm water system, water and sewer issues, and roadway design—all of which were in moderate disarray. The board needed to define an established scope, schedule, and budget for the project and retained B&D’s services to help. We led the effort to direct the site and design changes and worked with the public agencies and adjacent landowners to direct the site plan into acceptance. Assuming a program management role, we monitored the schedule, coordinated cost estimate reviews, tracked the project’s commitments and expenditures, and ensured that the quality and functionality of the design met the intent. We also managed regular design reviews, engaged user group input, monitored capital cash flow projections, tracked invoices, and guided the parties through meetings. In the end, the project was put on hold in November of 2007, precipitated by a change in School Board composition following elections.