California State University, Long Beach

Long Beach,

Retail Dining Preference And Capacity Analysis

In 2011 California State University, Long Beach wanted to determine if its existing retail foodservice facilities were meeting demand and identify opportunities for new retail concepts. At the time there were two primary locations for retail foodservice and convenience stores, and smaller food outlets were located elsewhere on campus. There was duplication in food concepts which was potentially reducing revenue, and a foodservice concept vacancy continued to go unfilled. B&D was asked to help with this study and our work included: student focus groups, a campus-wide survey, a capacity analysis to determine how current operations met demand, and a concept preference list to guide future decisions and vendor selection. Our study showed that the existing food options were more than what was required. We presented the university with a list of food concepts based on a study of what was found at other area universities to help in its efforts to replace or refresh current vendors and align more closely with student demand.