Middlesex School


Residential Life Master Plan

In 1996, Middlesex School—through its project manager Linbeck Corporation—selected B&D and Amsler Woodhouse MacLean Architects to examine the school’s residential life facilities. Our goal was to develop a comprehensive long-term master plan that would improve the existing conditions for both faculty and students. Our work included an assessment of the project’s “destination value,” an analysis of existing facilities, a review of previous documentation, a review and analysis of residential facilities at comparable schools, focus groups with students and faculty, and development of concept and project objectives. Throughout the assignment, we worked with selected trustees, faculty, and administrators. We also met frequently with school personnel involved with housing, admissions, staffing, and maintenance, particularly during the research and assessment portions of the study. In addition, we called upon prospective users of the proposed facilities for focus group interviews in support of research efforts. Our resulting Master Plan set forth findings and recommendations for the scope, nature, financial implications, phasing opportunities, and architectural requirements of improvements. As a result, the school implemented a $20 million, 153,000 SF, ten-year master plan that included the construction of one new building and the renovation of seven dormitories.