Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge,

Recreation Sports Feasibility Analysis And Referendum Support

In 2001 Louisiana State University selected B&D to examine market demand for recreation sports on its campus. While engaged in a comprehensive campus master plan during the previous nine months, the university realized that its existing facility did not meet the current needs of its campus population. Furthermore, the university recognized that a detailed assessment and feasibility study likely would conclude that additional space must be provided, and so it sought to coordinate program-specific recommendations into the overall master plan. We were contracted to provide the university with a comprehensive feasibility study and referendum support for the renovation and expansion of recreation sports facilities. Our scope included an analysis of campus demand for recreational activities; testing of students’ financial support for improved facilities; a competitive analysis of other institutions; the development of an outline program; a detailed architectural assessment of existing space inventory and renovation capacity on campus; and the creation of a detailed financial model to illustrate the circumstances under which total project costs would balance with the project’s debt capacity. We concluded the feasibility portion of this assignment in 2002 and managed a successful student referendum in the spring of the same year. Project implementation began immediately, and recreation facility renovations were completed in 2004.