Duke University


Recreation Market Analysis And Programming

In 2009 Duke began the final phase of completing its master plan for athletic facilities. The school wanted to assess the total demand for recreation space and identify shortfalls in the existing on-campus inventory. B&D was retained to work on this plan and we were tasked with supporting the development of programming recommendations for the recreational components of the plan. We partnered with HTNB on this project and our work included: focus group interviews with students, employees, and alumni to gain qualitative data on usage; a Web-based survey of students and employees to quantify usage and preferences; a demand-based programming model to project facility demand and prioritize activities based on data from the surveys. Our results supported the need for additional recreational space, with convenience as a key factor. We developed an outline program for a new recreation center that would enable the school to decrease overcrowding conditions, enable better equipment placement, create a destination facility for intramural participants, and allow space for wellness center programming and services.