University of Missouri-Kansas City

Kansas City,

Recreation Feasibility Study

In 2007 the University of Missouri-Kansas City selected B&D to evaluate the feasibility of developing a student and faculty/staff recreation facility at its Hospital Hill campus. The university tasked us with quantifying recreational facility demand and determining the financial feasibility of such a project. After meeting with administrators and reviewing relevant data, we conducted intercept interviews and focus groups, created and administered an electronic survey, analyzed private health clubs and gyms in the surrounding communities, and developed a demand-based program. In addition, we developed a financial analysis to correspond with the recommended program. Originally it was thought that a Hospital Hill recreation facility would provide a large amount of dedicated space for wellness programs and activities. However, as the study progressed, we discovered that fitness and recreational opportunities were a far higher priority than wellness. As a result, we recommended developing a 55,100 SF recreational facility that included administrative offices, a small wellness component, a weight and fitness space, an elevated indoor track, a gymnasium, multipurpose rooms, racquetball courts, a juice bar, lounge space, and support facilities.