Wright State University


Recreation Feasibility Analysis, Site Analysis, Programming, And Financial Analysis

Wright State University retained the services of B&D in 2001 to conduct a detailed needs assessment, feasibility study, and facility program to determine demand for expanded recreational facilities on campus. Our scope of work included a detailed market analysis including an Internet survey, focus groups, an off-campus competitive facility review, and a peer school review. The results of this first phase revealed significant demand for improved and consolidated recreational facilities central to the campus core. These findings were further developed during a program refinement phase conducted in the early spring of 2002. Later in 2002, the university contracted us again, this time to develop a detailed facilities program, site analysis, and financial pro forma to test various project concepts including renovation and a new comprehensive recreation center. We tested the financial implications of various locations and their response to the university’s overall objectives. The proposed plan included the development of a new contemporary facility that would better serve the university’s growing on-campus population. Understanding the importance of the relationship between the recreation programs and student union facilities, we recommended a consolidation of recreation, intramural, and health and wellness services in a central location near the existing student union. The development of the new facility would help bridge the gap between residence halls and academic facilities, thus creating a critical mass of students within the campus core. A new 9,500 SF fitness center opened in 2006. In 2007 the university completed renovations to its 140,000 SF recreation center, which united the facility with the student union. And in 2008 the $8.4 million recreation center renovation project received an Outstanding Design award from American School & University magazine.