Pennsylvania State University

State College,

Recreation Facilities Feasibility Analysis

B&D was hired by Pennsylvania State University in 2005 to conduct a recreation facilities feasibility study with the goal of identifying any gaps between the existing campus facilities and recreational demand. The university wanted to examine current facilities in detail to determine whether they were meeting student demand and remaining competitive with other Big Ten institutions. Our study focused on defining strategic goals, quantifying demand for recreational facilities, defining the existing physical supply of facilities, and developing a program master plan. We conducted a strategic asset value session to ascertain the objectives and serve as the basis for decisions throughout the planning process. Our research and analysis revealed that the university’s peer institutions had recently addressed student demand for recreational sports facilities and that the university’s per square foot allowance per student was well under the norm, indicating the need for either additional space or policy changes for the use of the remaining square footage. Our study further enabled the university to consider ways to better respond to the identified demand using existing spaces, thereby minimizing potential project costs.


Between building a new softball stadium and soccer and golf clubhouses, Penn State athletics has its game plan set for the upcoming months.


Despite major renovations to key recreational facilities made in the last few years, students on Penn State’s University Park campus still say that Penn State does not fully meet their needs when it comes to recreation and fitness, according to a study undertaken by the firm Brailsford and Dunlavey.