Fairfax County, VA


Recreation Center And Field House Feasibility Analysis

In 1999 the Fairfax County Park Authority’s Recreation Services Division had been operating eight community recreation centers throughout the county. Responding to increasing development and a growing population the Authority considered adding a new facility in the western part of the county and renovating an under-utilized field house originally built as an equestrian facility at an existing county recreation center. The Authority hired B&D to complete feasibility studies on these projects and our scope of work entailed: a market analysis; a competitive context analysis; a demographic analysis; the determination of the market radius; a community survey and interviews; a site analysis; architectural programming; concept development; business planning; and detailed financial analysis. We also provided recommendations on increasing the attractiveness of any new recreation center to potential private sector development partners. B&D completed all phases of the feasibility studies for the new recreation center and renovations to the existing recreation center in June and August of 1999, respectively. The resulting 65,000 square foot, $18.5 million Cub Run RECenter opened on May 22, 2005.