University of Central Missouri


Recreation And Wellness Center Feasibility Study

As a component of the overall University of Central Missouri campus master plan led by Gould Evans, B&D was selected in 2007 to conduct a recreation center feasibility study. The university sought planning assistance before implementing design of a new student recreation and wellness center and renovation of Morrow-Garrison Complex. We proceeded with a strategic asset value analysis, ensuring that the building projects would respond to the university’s strategic objectives in the most economical manner possible. We then worked with the university to define the priority order of space needs and project concepts; architectural and construction quality; target market and campus location; and operating paradigm and financial performance. Next, through focus groups and a campus-wide student survey, we were able to quantify student demand for various recreation offerings. And with our financial analysis, we defined the per-student fee required to meet the operational and programmatic needs of the new facility. We also pinpointed how specific activities would generate additional revenue for the project and identified an optimal staffing schedule consisting of full-time professional staff and part-time student staff. In 2011, at a combined $35.5 million in costs, the 69,000 SF student recreation and wellness center and the 130,000 SF Morrow-Garrison Complex renovations and expansion were completed. Both projects earned LEED Gold certification and an Athletic Business magazine Facility of Merit award.