DePaul University


Recreation And Fitness Facilities Demand Analysis And Programming

DePaul University hired B&D in 2013 to conduct a demand analysis to benchmark student, faculty, and employee satisfaction with, participation in, and usage of its on-campus recreational sports and fitness facilities. The university sought to identify any significant changes in attitudes toward its recreation offerings. We analyzed survey results, placing them into four parts: on-campus utilization, off-campus utilization, satisfaction, and recreational sports and fitness participation. The resulting survey information, along with the university’s enrollment and demographic patterns, served as the basis for our demand analysis. National benchmarks for the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center programs also were applied. Based on the breadth and depth of the demand for specific recreational and fitness offerings, we were able to recommend program modifications for facilities on each university campus, and thus foster in the university a clear understanding of how to better serve its campus community.