Ohio State University, The


Recreation And Athletic Feasibility Analysis

As part of The Ohio State University’s “commitment to excellence,” it commissioned B&D to provide a recreation and athletic facilities study in 1996. Our work entailed: measuring the university’s facilities against those at comparable universities and local sites; an analysis of the user market; interviews, focus groups, and surveys; and building a demand-based model to determine space requirements and utilization schedules. The resulting program document served as a roadmap for the construction of the $117.6 million, 568,000 SF Recreation and Physical Activity Center which was completed in 2005, and for the adaptive reuse of a number of other campus facilities. The Center project received a Facility of Merit award from Athletic Business magazine, an Innovative Architecture & Design award from Recreation Management magazine, a NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facility award, and an Outstanding Design award from School Planning & Management magazine.


Many schools have spent millions of dollars to create recreation spaces with lavish touches that are appealing enough to satisfy existing students and lure potential ones.