Georgia Regents University Augusta


Quality-Of-Life Facilities Needs Assessment

In 2012 B&D was selected by Georgia Regents University Augusta (formerly Georgia Health Sciences University, in collaboration with Augusta State University) to support an ongoing campus consolidation effort by conducting a needs assessment for the University’s quality-of-life facilities. Through this process, our efforts were focused on the quality-of-life needs of each campus, including its Summerville and Downtown locations, where a large majority of the university’s population was located. This multi-phase process included numerous visioning sessions with Georgia Regents leadership; focus group interviews with students, faculty, and staff; off-campus market research; and numerous analyses related to demand and user preferences. In addition to understanding the market demands of this new population, we were tasked with evaluating the programmatic appropriateness of the University’s existing quality-of-life facilities and to make recommendations on how to reposition these facilities to fully serve the institution’s needs, as well as influence its strategic direction going forward. A detailed financial analysis and preliminary site analysis also were completed. Upon completing its assignment, we issued a series of recommendations for future development on the Summerville campus, including a 450-bed student housing facility, 41,500 GSF of union space, 15,000 GSF of dining space, and 24,500 GSF of indoor recreation space. Other recommendations included renovating the Health Sciences Student Center / Wellness center to meet demand for recreation and dining options, and constructing a 300-bed living-learning community.