District of Columbia Public Schools


Public School Playgrounds Construction And Modernization Program Management

In 2007 the District of Columbia initiated a $3.2 billion initiative to modernize the District’s public schools. It entails 142 school buildings with related administrative and support facilities. B&D, in a joint venture with McKissack & McKissack, has been serving as program manager for this massive effort which includes, in part, development of the Master Facilities Plan and management of all procurement, design, and construction activities. As part of this effort, we have managed the development of playgrounds and outdoor facilities for many of the schools, which entails site visits, project design, and implementation. We have provided play spaces for students ranging from Pre-K through sixth grade, requiring the need to excavate, repair asphalt, re-stripe surfaces, and install on wood carpets or antimicrobial rubber mats. The following elementary schools received these new playgrounds and/or equipment: Savoy, Eaton, Maury, Ferebee-Hope, Ludlow-Taylor, Marie Reed Elementary, Ketchum, Shaed, Kenilworth, M. C. Terrell/McGogney, and Orr.