Georgia Regents University Augusta


Preliminary Campus Master Plan

In 2012 B&D was selected by Georgia Regents University Augusta (formerly Georgia Health Sciences University, in collaboration with Augusta State University) to conduct a preliminary campus master plan to inform the initial decisions related to the pending consolidation of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University. This plan was designed to identify the quality-of-life space needs for each facility type on campus; reconcile the preliminary space needs with existing facilities; and refine the various scenarios and define the best strategy for the University. Our scope of work began with kick-off meetings with key university stakeholders to establish the philosophical approaches for the unified campus and the specific planning drivers associated with each, as well as possible campus configurations. We then estimated the range of future developments to be expected through the consolidation process for housing, recreation, and union programming elements. Campus planning charrettes were then held, which provided a more in-depth understanding of the physical impact that would result from implementing the various approaches. Additionally, a preliminary financial model was developed to compare the capital ramifications of the new program elements. The model was designed to provide the university with a basic understanding of the financial realities associated with project phasing opportunities. Our work ultimately provided the university with a series of implementation scenarios, which allowed for a more focused effort in subsequent analyses of the university’s master plan.