District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation


Parks And Playgrounds Modernizations Program Management

In 2013, the District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation kicked off a multi-year effort to improve the District’s public playgrounds. This multi-year initiative, known as “Play DC,” established the following goals:

• Provide safe playgrounds for children living in and visiting the District.
• Ensure playgrounds are accessible and inclusive for children and care givers.
• Increase childhood wellness through natural and adventure play.
• Foster community support for a well-loved playground.
• Utilize Play DC and scorecards to encourage volunteerism and partnerships at playgrounds.

As part of our ongoing contract with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, we and McKissack & McKissack were tasked with managing the first phase of renovations to 32 play spaces—those with the most pressing redevelopment needs among the City’s 78 playgrounds. Our team was responsible for providing program management services throughout planning, design, and construction. Valued at a total of $35 million, the redevelopment projects were completed in 2013.