Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School / Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation


Outdoor Learning Environment / Playground Construction Management

Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School and the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation retained B&D in 2011 to provide agency construction management and project oversight services for their outdoor learning environment / playground. The project scope included construction of retaining walls and terracing on the east side of the site to create an outdoor learning environment for children and teachers; refurbishing planting and declining trees; replacing the exercise, play, and curricular space being demolished as part of St. Albans’ work; replacement of aging play equipment; introduction of storage, decks, and other devices to make the spaces more useable for children, teachers, and parents; and reconfiguration of roads and walkways for safety. We managed this project throughout design, construction, and close-out, managing procurement processes at each step. With a construction schedule of eight months, the $5.6 million project was completed in 2012.