Chesapeake Region 2012 Coalition


Olympic Bid Document Preparation

The Baltimore-Washington region wanted to make a bid for the hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics and needed assistance with authoring the bid documents and overall strategic direction. B&D, along with HNTB Architects and Parsons Brinkerhoff, took on this work. We prepared four of the bid documents’ themes, each one entailing: development of the schedule, taking all logistical and operational ramifications into consideration; selection of a site for the Village, allowing maximum accessibility and security; development of an inventory of the hotel infrastructure of the area, complete with planned projects; and preparation of a complete budget with a cash flow forecast giving projected revenues and expenses. In the fall of 2001 Washington, DC was selected as a Candidate City finalist, and we provided services for the plan refinements. In the end, New York City was selected as the U.S. Host City.