Chavez Prep


New School Program Management

In 2007 Chavez Prep (formerly Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy) needed oversight management for the development of a new charter school. B&D had been retained to plan and manage the relocation of the other two Chavez schools, and we were asked to lead this project as well. The school tasked us to serve as its representative and primary interface with the architect, contractor, and other consultants during the design and construction of the project. Our responsibilities included: evaluation of the program, schedule, and budget; oversight and coordination of the contractor’s and architect’s estimates and costs; review of design documents and selection of materials, systems and equipment; recommendation on the feasibility and methods, materials and labor needs, and preliminary budgets; coordination with authorities having jurisdiction over the project, including filing permits and payment of fees; assistance in the financing strategy; participation in regular design meetings and advice on programmatic and building type issues. Chavez Prep opened in September 2007.