United States Naval Academy


Multipurpose Facility Visioning Session

In 2008 the United State Naval Academy engaged the Onyx Group and B&D to assist with visioning the long-term occupancy of Dahlgren Hall (“the hall”), which had recently been a temporary dining space while King Hall was under renovation. Over the years the hall had served many purposes and now, since King Hall’s renovation was complete, it needed a new one. We were tasked with conducting a visioning session to ascertain ideas for the hall, and reviewing previous documents applicable to the assignment. We also conducted a series of interviews with key administrators. Based on the information we had gathered we developed and presented two visions for the hall: expand the library and relocate it to the hall, or convert the hall to a campus student center. Functional elements for each vision were identified to further describe usage. Our efforts helped position the academy for continued exploration of the hall’s purpose, including a test fit of each vision to better identify a preferred solution for logistics and an existing conditions assessment to further inform project costs. In addition, the identification of possible project funding sources could impact the viability of a preferred option.