Jackson State University


Multipurpose Facility Feasibility Study

Jackson State University selected B&D in 2013 to complete a market and financial feasibility study for a proposed on-campus multipurpose dome facility. The university envisioned that this venue would be used year-round for school sporting events, graduations, family shows, and for broader event programming. We initiated the project with a visioning session with university administrators to identify key strategic objectives for the venue. This was followed by a detailed market analysis, a demographic study of the area surrounding the proposed site to identify likely facility users, and a benchmark review of comparable facilities. An event market analysis was performed to determine what, if any, competitive venues existed that served the same purpose and audience as those the university proposed. Preliminary budgets were developed for both a 30,000- and 50,000-seat facility, projecting a range of costs for each that included potential events and their associated revenues and expenses. We then created a sources and uses statement to identify funding needs, analyzed potential public and private funding sources, and presented the relative advantages and disadvantages of each. We recommended moving forward with a 35,000-seat multipurpose dome venue, as it would achieve the university’s primary strategic objectives, cost less to build and operate, and require a smaller operating subsidy than the larger concept. Additionally, based on our review of other planning and development initiatives in the Jackson area, we presented a series of suggested accommodating development opportunities that proved successful in other markets.