Houston Baptist University


Mixed-Use Campus Edge Development Advisory Services

Client Opportunity

  • Reinvent the front door of the campus to confront enrollment challenges and aging campus facilities
  • Develop a long-term initiative to revitalize and expand its campus and campus-edge facilities
    Create a plan to serve as a catalyst for other neighborhood community redevelopment

B&D Process

  • Conducted a strategic visioning session to ensure an efficient planning process and align stakeholder-targeted aspirations
  • Defined and evaluated the detailed parameters of each proposed project, analyzing programmatic, locational, market, political, capital, and operating components
  • Performed community and campus market analyses, concept development, and programming
  • Created a financial analysis, a financing structure evaluation, and an implementation strategy
  • Led the selection process for development partners for each project type associated with the campus-edge initiatives, each to be delivered using various financing and delivery structures

Project Highlights

  • HBU is implementing action items to set the stage for new student housing and provide for flexible enrollment growth through a strategic rental rate plan that gradually increases over four years
  • $160 million being invested in the development
  • First completed project centered on the $3 million Belin Tower, dedicated in 2015, and included a new campus entrance, a roadway, and infrastructure / utilities improvements
  • Overall campus-edge plan includes retail, student housing, a hotel / conference center, an arena, and parking to support all facilities