City of Lancaster, PA


Minor League Ballpark Feasibility Analysis

B&D was retained by the Ecklin Group in conjunction with the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2000 to test the feasibility and market support for the development of a minor league baseball stadium. The proposed development project potentially would include a minor league baseball franchise from one of the independent leagues as an anchor tenant. Further, a variety of additional non-sport events and activities were evaluated for the project. Our scope of work included a preliminary market assessment; a strategic analysis to assess the feasibility of the project as it pertained to the comprehensive planning goals and objectives of the city and the state; and a detailed market analysis that identified the level of demand for sports and family entertainment within the local market. In addition, we projected revenue streams associated with the proposed facility, and developed a detailed financial analysis identifying a building program, detailed construction costs, and operating costs. Finally, an economic impact analysis was conducted that quantified the development’s value to the community and the facility’s operation in terms of employment and retail spending. The study demonstrated that, despite its proximity to two minor league baseball franchises in adjacent counties, Lancaster had sufficient capacity to support its own independent league franchise.