Building Hope


Michigan Park Christian Church — School Relocation Test-Fit Analysis And Program Management

Building Hope helps start-up charter schools locate and finance incubator space that gives them a temporary infrastructure where they can focus more exclusively on academic programs. As these schools outgrow the space, new start-up charter schools replace them in a continuous and mutually beneficial cycle. The challenge is to find the right space. In 2006, Building Hope engaged B&D to help identify a building that could accommodate a new school and, after examining several sites, we recommended a church as the most viable option. It already contained classrooms that were vacant during the week, met general building code regulations, had parking and an outdoor playground, and included a separate entrance. We provided program management for renovation of the multipurpose rooms, hazardous materials abatement, IT systems, security, landscaping, a nurse’s office, ADA, and life safety compliance. The project was completed in a compressed time frame with all work taking place during the summer of 2006.