Young Harris College

Young Harris,

Mathematics And Science Facilities Program Study

In 2008 B&D was selected by Young Harris College to study feasible programmatic strategies to expand its mathematics and science facilities. The college’s projected expansion from a two-year to four-year institution called for aligning the mathematics and science facilities with the institutional vision set forth by the campus master plan. Our study was intended to address these enrollment goals by helping increase the academic offerings available to the student body. We completed a detailed analysis of the respective programs, which included: an investigation of the existing facilities; working sessions and interviews with faculty and staff; an assessment of current and projected curricula; a study of scheduling and utilization patterns; and a competitive context analysis. In order to fully realize the vision of the college, several project-specific elements such as the YHC Hemlock Project and a controlled greenhouse environment also were taken into account. These efforts culminated in the development of ideal departmental programs, which were subsequently reconciled with various institutional constraints to determine feasible options for implementation. This programmatic reconciliation resulted in the execution of various test-fit analyses to determine the most beneficial strategies to facilitate the growth of the division of mathematics and science.