Alexandria City Public Schools


Long-Range Educational Facilities Plan; School System Redistricting Assessment

In 2013 Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) selected B&D and Studio27 to partner with ACPS on developing a long-range educational facilities plan. We were tasked initially with developing education specifications for a prototypical elementary and middle school. ACPS later expanded these services to include educational adequacy assessments of its 14 oldest schools, as well as to develop mini-master plans. The objectives of the project were to collaboratively develop planning tools and documents; listen and understand the needs of faculty, staff, students, and the community; identify gaps in facilities and services currently available; provide tools to prioritize the needs for the ACPS long-range facility educational capital improvement plan; create opportunities for the community, teachers, and students to be involved in the process; and develop a consistent design standard that meets to goals and mission of the school division. Our scope of work included developing PK-5 and grades 6-8 educational specifications based on the goals and mission of the school division. In addition to leading focus groups interviews and administering surveys, we hosted community meetings and facilitated joint meetings with the school division and the city. Adequacy assessments were completed based on the new guidelines, while master plans were developed for each campus, which included reviews of current facility condition reports. Our team’s work effort provided ACPS and the city with an understanding of future school needs to bring all schools into compliance with their educational specifications and to accommodate projected enrollment growth.

The Board of Education approved the comprehensive Long-Range Educational Facilities Plan in 2015. An assessment and recommendation for each school was included to inform the annual Capital Improvement Plan formulation process. We were then engaged to continue supporting ACPS with the redistricting effort, tasked with reviewing the short- and long-term facility impacts of proposed new boundaries and the associated student populations and programs for each school.