California State Polytechnic University


Lanterman Development Center Owner’s Representative and Advisory Services

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona received a transfer of surplus land from the State of California in 2016 consisting of the 300-acre Lanterman Development Center, a former state-run hospital. The entrance to the site is located approximately one mile from the core campus, and adjacent to other parcels of land the University owns. The site contains approximately 130 existing structures built during the operational years of the hospital. Cal Poly Pomona views the redevelopment potential of the Lanterman Development Center as a unique opportunity to support its academic mission through a variety of means. In order to quantify the breadth of these opportunities and inform a decision to retain the site, the University needed to complete a due diligence effort and feasibility analysis.

Brailsford & Dunlavey partnered with Cal Poly Pomona in October 2016 to serve as owner’s representative and advisor. Initially, B&D assisted in refining and memorializing the University’s goals and objectives for the Lanterman site. These drivers were included in the solicitation process and materials (request for qualifications and request for clarifications) distributed to potential teams interested in the due diligence effort. The effort would entail evaluations of the site itself, existing structures, historical review, land-use planning, market research, financial modeling, and development scenarios. B&D facilitated the review, scoring, and interview processes, assisting the University in selecting the preferred team. B&D also assisted the University through the scope development and contract negotiations process.

During this effort, B&D was the key interface between the planning team and the University, guiding the direction of the effort and ensuring the University and planning team were addressing key issues and making appropriate decisions. B&D provided insight on potential development options, opportunities for financing, evaluation of risk profiles, and analysis of the information presented by the planning team. B&D also presented updates on the process to key campus stakeholders and the University’s cabinet. Final determination and recommendation to retain or return the site is scheduled for July 2017.