Alexandria City Public Schools


Kitchen And Cafeteria Assessment

In 2015 Alexandria City Public Schools retained B&D―along with Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems, Cox Graae Spack Architects, and Potomac Energy Group―to do an equipment and kitchen assessment at 10 of its schools. The 10 schools were not slated for renovation in the near future, but the team’s assessment was to provide an understanding for recommendations ranging from operational initiatives to equipment replacement. The newest of the 10 schools was 50 years old and few had full kitchen or serving area updates. Alexandria City Public Schools wanted recommendations that would support the schools’ nutritional programs, assess problems facing the program, provide insight into ways to enhance operations and ensure safety at each school, and address the cafeteria capacities and aesthetics needed to serve the growing student populations. We evaluated the 10 schools against the characteristics of successful programs at aspirational schools and identified holistic solutions for each school. We further explained how economies of scale could be achieved if schools were bundled, and that Alexandria City Public Schools would need to address total costs once a decision was made to proceed with either one project or multiple separately bid projects. The schools were prioritized in the order in which they should be addressed.