State University of New York – Stony Brook

Stony Brook,

Housing Market Advisory Services

In June 2008, Stony Brook University engaged Brailsford & Dunlavey to provide advisory services for a new graduate and professional student housing project. The university’s graduate and professional enrollment grew steadily over the next few years―seven percent since 2012―prompting the university to once again engage B&D in December 2016 to confirm potential demand and amenity and unit type preferences for additional on-campus housing for that population.

B&D developed a work plan for this project that reconciled current and future demand with existing supply and the proposed housing plans on the medical school campus. Elements of that work plan included a demographic analysis, student focus groups, an online student survey, and a housing demand model. Additionally, B&D conducted a competitive market analysis of four institutions to understand the university’s standing with respect to occupancy rates, facility conditions, amenities, pricing, and plans for future development.

Having consolidated its research and analyses, B&D presented the university with recommendations that included:

• Revising the proposed program to provide market-responsive unit types
• Revising the proposed design to create more efficiencies
• Enhancing the proposed program’s density by exploring the addition of mixed-use tenants which would provide additional revenue-generating opportunities
• Exploring alternative delivery methods, such as design-build or a public-private partnership opportunity to reduce the project schedule and costs

B&D also recommended several next steps the university should take, including generating a revised project budget more in line with market-responsive rental rates.