University of California San Diego

San Diego,

Housing / Dining / Hospitality Strategic Plan Advisory Services

The client identified a need to develop a clear vision for its HDH departments, one that integrated the elements of each into a single plan aligned with the broader institutional goals and objectives.

B&D developed a strategic plan that encouraged cross-divisional engagement and provided a framework to ensure an alignment that served each division and the needs of the students. A number of HDH staff members were engaged in the initial planning phase to ensure agreement on a strategic direction. The plan outlined HDH’s strengths and opportunities and defined initiatives to fill the gaps.

• Enhance HDH collaboration, culture, and efficiency through middle management working groups and community-specific teams
• Employ innovative technology solutions to maximize resources, integrate complementary data/systems, and support the customer experience
• Maximize utility of existing data collection efforts and integrate into a marketing strategy to ‘tell the story’ in all student-facing services
• Realign functional relationships within HDH’s operating structure
• Explore employee appreciation opportunities to motivate positive behavior